AstroRaid 1.42

A modern remake of the arcade shooters Space Invaders and Galaga
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Astroraid is a space shooter Arcade type game for Windows. It’s a remake and a combination of the 80’s popular Space Invaders and Galaga arcade games. The game has an improved gameplay and modern graphics but is just about the same as those old games it was based on. Still, it offers more of a challenge since the enemies aren´t destroyed until shot several times that makes it harder to advance and easier to lose.

The game takes place in space, in some foreign galaxy, and the players must shoot repeatedly the enemies in order to destroy them and keep on moving through the levels. The controls are really simple; players move the spaceship with the mouse and also shoot with weapons using the buttons. The game graphics are good and compliant with modern systems but are nothing extraordinary; nevertheless, players will find this game entertaining.

On the downside AstroRaid doesn’t allow using the keyboard in order to play but graphics, sound effects, and music settings can be adjusted if the default ones don’t please the players’ needs.

Max Santillana
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  • Many levels
  • Aliens have to be taken down on multiple shots
  • Power ups and Limited ammo


  • Uses only the mouse
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